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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

~Scents Plus~
What is that great smell?!!

I have to let you all know about Scents Plus!

I am a repeat customer and will continue to use this system for many years to come!

My family's business that I work for has been a customer of Scents Plus for approximately 15 years. The comapny is located in Sapulpa, OK. We are on his business route here in Southeast Kansas and he stops every two weeks to fill our units.

I have purchased a unit for my own home and buy bulk fragrance to fill my own. It runs on a D battery and keeps a continual flow of fragrance wisping into your room.

The scent I currently use - and got my aunt to switch to as well - is Polo. It is a non-gender fragrance and we get a lot of compliments!

I originally purchased one of these for my litter room. (I also use a great cleaner called OUT! Multi Cat for surface cleaning and you can read more about that l o n g - w i n d e d post HERE).

I plan to purchase another Scents Plus unit for my new sewing room (no critters allowed!) and plan to add one to both the bathrooms. I love to burn candles but with teens and animals, this is a much safer choice.

These would also be perfect in day cares, customer use restrooms in businesses, RV's, diaper changing area and of course offices! Again, customers notice it and compliment the fragrance!

Please be sure to mention that you were referred by "Kelly Lamb in Parsons".


Monday, August 30, 2010

Win this exquisite Sewing Art Quilt by Kitty & Me Designs!

Lovely, intricately detailed little creations can be found over on the Kitty & Me Designs Blog.

I have already visited her Etsy Shop and saved several favorites. Me being a crazy cat lady, if you will, will be purchasing the Crazy Quilted Cottage Cat that can be seen HERE just as soon as I can work it into my "I Want" budget! I want to use it for a special little pin cushion in the large sewing room I will be making in the month of September to start my business.

Pam is having a GIVEAWAY for this lovely Sewing Art Quilt when her Blog reaches 300 followers. Head on over to Follow her and be sure to read how you can get multiple entries.

I'm really taken with her detailed creations. Beautiful and Sophisticated. Leave a comment if you Follow Kitty & Me Designs and enter her drawing!

You can also follow Jan's Kitty & Me Designs FaceBook Fan Page HERE. Please let her know that Lambitious Creations sent you!


Sunday, August 29, 2010

August Cosmetic Case Giveaway by The Chic Monkey!

I have found a new store that I will be visiting often and sending myself links to put in my Wish List Folder in my email! There are so many adorable items on this site to chose from - and great quality workmanship!

Hop on over to The Chic Monkey to enter for this lovely August Cosmetic Case Giveaway!

Jump on this soon! The Chic Monkey states this deadline & rules:
Giveaway will end on August 31st at 12:00am. Winner will be chosen at random by Winner will have 48 hours to contact us via e-mail to claim their prize. Must be 18 years or older to enter.

You can follow The Chic Monkey BLOG here:


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Cupcake Tree

My Guy's daughter got married last month so we dove in to this cupcake tree project.

My Guy is amazing at figuring out how to do things.

The bracing system he used is shown above. A thin pc of wood was attached to the inside of the outside pcs to make an inside lip. He laid the luan on the lip inside and attached it leaving a 1/2" recess instead of the luan being flush at the top. Once the tiers were assembled he added the wood pcs for support and screwed them to the pvc pipe.

I just spent parts of two days in the kitchen. (no photos)

His sister's came over to do all the decorating. Two colors of wrapping paper were applied. A thin silver ribbon with a sheer center to reveal the blue where they are joined was applied last. The boards to hold the cupcakes are painted silver - the photo doesn't show that too well.

Although the picture does not show it, I added the edible glitter to the grey icing to make it look "silver" and used a blue edible glitter on the blue icing. Nice touch for evening lighting!

I think it turned out pretty nice considering we had no idea what we were doing! I'm thinking we should make more of these up and then decorate to order to sell! I'm not so sure My Guy wants to be on board with this idea though!


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fruit Flies don't mix with Manly Guys

Another great product!


I ordered one of these to put in the air conditioned garage at My Guy's house. Guys tend to congregate in there and with beer cans left in the trash for days, the fruit flies decided to hang out too.

Not any more! This little gadget did the trick! No more fruit flies around the Manly Harley Riders!

If using this in your kitchen, I would strongly suggest to keep it up out of little ones reach. It is a cute, attractive little gadget and they will be drawn to inspect this and could spill the chemical on themselves.

Leave a comment if you also use this gadget. I'm impressed with it!

Get rid of those Pesky Flies!

This product is all that it claims to be!


Within one day I had layers of flies in the bag. Within three weeks it was full!

Just as other people have reported, it does have a strong smell. Put it in the shade about 20 feet from where you will be be outside. Do NOT use inside a home.

I'm very pleased with how well this attracted the flies. Be sure to add water if needed. Just double bag it, toss in the trash and replace when full.

Product Description:
Contains no poisons or insecticides
Completely safe for humans and animals
Perfect for lawn, garden, camping and farm use
All natural attractant, Environmentally safe
Fully disposable for clean and easy convenience

Friday, August 6, 2010

Mod Podge Memory Game by Green Apple Orchard

I'm loving this cute Memory Game that Connie at Green Apple Orchard posted on her blog!

Using pre-cut chip board (or making your own from cereal boxes) this is a terrific project to use up those left over fabric scraps, or go with a theme.

With Christmas coming up faster than we know it, this is such a cute project to get started on now.

Here is a smaller square version over at Creative Chicks

I'm headed off for vacation tonight. I wish I had all of this cut out to take with me to work on during the 15 hour trip! I will be geared up next year with some kind of project to take along!