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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cornice Boards~
For my Sewing Room?

I've been Waxing & Waning over what style of window coverings to use for my Sewing Room.

I ran across an advertisement for the following website and came back to the idea that cornice boards are possibly the way to go with the bolt of Eclipse Kohl fabric by Robert Allen that I purchased.

If I use cornice boards, I will have plenty of fabric left over to make room accessories with, and still have fabric left over to make handbags and their accessories. It truly is a lovely fabric. It deserves to have it's beauty spread around!

There is a gallery of different types of cornices boards that could be made here on Ready to Cover.

I think this is the style I will go with - should I end up doing the cornice boards!

Here is one over on DanteHill website:

I think I will make and paint stationary frames, then make my "cornice faces" removable with Velcro so that I can change out the "look and feel" for different seasons (or whims!).

AND, the upside of this - they will store nice and flat until I bring them back into the room. I will also have the option to move them to another room if I build more stationary cornices.

BUT, as I have mentioned many times, I am a Waxer & Waner! I'm a sucker for nice hardware, so I may end up just doing curtains as I originally planned when buying the bolt of fabric. Creativity is a Killer for me sometimes. I've always said that my mind is like a Gerbil in a Wheel! Go Figure! That's what keeps me interesting and vibrant! =)

Do you have cornices installed in your home? Leave a comment or a link for all of us to check them out! If you have any tips on making or installing, feel free to leave your expert advise!

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Curtain Fabric
for my Sewing Room
- but when will that day
get here???

Unfortunately my sewing room project has been on hold. There are too many reasons to mention. My excitement has shifted to being somewhat overwhelmed with all I have to do - not only on the new project but with all the other unfinished projects that are looming over me. Being a divorced mom of teens (that don't care to help much) and way too many animals has been quite challenging over these last 10 years. I've been dating My Guy for a year now. He has MS so I have been doing as much as possible with him before it affects him in a severe manner.

That aside, my mind IS constantly churning over how I will be setting up the room. Believe me, I have rearranged it in my mind many times over. And, I'm constantly waxing and waning over the colors I will use.

I need to really ENJOY my work space.

I need an inspirational, calm, beautiful space.

Knowing myself all too well - knowing how I tend to change my mind - knowing how I make projects prolonged and bigger than originally planned - knowing the struggles of all the unknown complications, I'm hoping to kick it into high gear soon. I need to stop thinking and let the creative thinking flow - in action. I only wish I could hire someone to do all the "man work" that is required. One step at a time... I will get through it.

A little help here and there from family and friends will be welcomed, but I'd much rather just wave a magic wand. If I can get a contractor to show up for a repair that is definitely beyond my skills, that would help tremendously.

With the holidays approaching, this delay is making me very unsettled. And what is more unsettling is the fact that I am giving up my big living room to make this sewing, craft and computer room. I definitely need a space of my own - one fluid place that houses all my supplies and space required for the sewing, crafting and my graphic design work. I feel the need to give myself therapy through creativeness in a room that I adore and can breathe in. And I certainly need to add to my income.
I think I have made the right decision.
**fingers crossed**

So now onto the fabric.

Here is the fabric that I ordered about 4 months ago to make curtains or valances.

It has a tweed look to the off white background. It's actually lighter than the picture shown (best one I could find). This is a Robert Allen fabric called Eclipse Kohl. The fabric contents are 89% COTTON and 11% RAYON. This has a nice feel and look to it.

Who knows if this is what I will really use in this room! If not, I will be making tons of handbags and other projects - and hope that other people love it as much as I do. I have 30 yards of this fabric!

As I struggle with a final decision on the look and feel of the room through color choices, I've been looking at creative spaces and really enjoying some of the bright colors I see people use. Now I am wondering if I just need vibrant, sassy, get-your-mojo-on colors!

I keep running across this room created by Alicia Paulson which is posted over on Apartment Therapy

I really like the old vintage table up on the cinder blocks!

Here is another bright room that is posted over on Daily Dose of Me.

I'm not really a "pink" gal, but I do find this sewing room created by chaletgirl13 very striking!

If I do use the intended Robert Allen fabric, I'm thinking that I could recreate the branches in a simplistic painted form onto the walls somewhere in the room. Once I get my layout figured out for the best functional use of all areas and know exactly where all my shelves, tables and desk will be placed, I can add those details in later.

I bought the Eclipse Kohl fabric thinking I could create an elegant, sophisticated and calm room using this color combination. Of course being "neutral" colors, I can always pack in the pizazz with color splashes and change them out often.

If you have any links to creative work spaces, please leave a comment.

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Sew 4 Home
Quality Tutorials!

I have recently found a website that I simply adore - Sew 4 Home! Their tagline says it all! Want It? Make It!

I really appreciate the detailed tutorials they have put together.

Yes, nice quality fabric is sometimes pretty pricey, but by making something yourself you are rewarded two-fold: Money Savings and Pride in Making It Yourself!

Take a look at this Ironing Board Cover

I plan to make one of these for my new sewing room - which is desperately behind in schedule! I will be linking up here again when I ever get around to it.

Of course I love this quaint little project - being the Cat Lady - Nature Brights Kitchen: Cool & Cozy Pet Bed!

I think this would make a great gift for a young child made out of some of the wonderful, fun fabrics that are out today: Cozy Kid's Roll-Up Nap Blanket.

Not only do they have awesome sewing projects, but I found this great hardware installation tutorial; which is the perfect solution that I have been trying to figure out how to do. I have a very large bath/laundry room and would like to hang a curtain for more privacy in the "thinking area". This would be great in many types of rooms where you need to have some type of division.
Installing Cable Wire for Hanging Curtains

The link for the fabric panel tutorial is here: Pretty Prints Please: Cotton Gauze Bed Curtains

I recommend that you budget some time - several different days - and ENJOY all the wonderful post that Sew 4 Home has graced us with! I'm a huge fan of theirs now!

Leave a comment with your favorite projects.

Leave a link if you have followed a tutorial and made one of their fabulous projects!

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