Sew Many Passions!
You can't have too many cats or too much fabric!

PASSION: I love to share product reviews! After taking a break I am back to help others find great products! I love doing DIY home projects! WORK: I'm an office manager for three businesses under one roof. The bulk of my work is in logistics and freight. COMMITMENT: CATS... I've become a Professional Cat Wrangler! DREAMS: As I near retirement, I have enough machines and fabric to start my own sewing business!

Friday, February 26, 2010

BK's new Lime Twist Fish Sandwich

Drive thru Burger King and pick up their new LIME TWIST FISH SANDWICH! The sauce is lime and cilantro based. I'm tellin' you, it is mighty tasty!! It will only be available through the month of March. I've got to figure out a copy cat recipe for this sauce! Mmmm! If you have any suggestions on how to re-create this sauce, leave a comment!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Too Many Irons in the Fire

I have not been blogging obviously! I've been working on the house renovations - old 1920's house that is screaming for love and attention! I have also been trying to start putting in some time to start working on some websites.

My aunt's church asked me to take over updating their website (designed in html only) which has gone well. I have purchased 7 domains and put up the godaddy temp page for each of them.

I've been working on designing the logo for our local animal shelter and the mock websites for them to chose what look and feel they like the best. Our local animal shelter was nearly shut down and a group of us came together to save it. So far, it is coming together much quicker than expected. I'm so happy that people care enough to help our homeless animals and community!

I will start posting links as I get websites up and running. They might be basic sites as I get several up and running, but then I will update them and repost as I can throughout the year. I'm still working full-time for a family member - which pays the bills - but hope to work from home full time (and there part time) within a couple years.

I always burn my candle at both ends. It seems I thrive on having Too Many Irons in the Fire!