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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Random Goodness Tuesdays
Christmas Crafts!

I'm hoping that my daughter calls me tomorrow to tell me she was chosen to rent a 5 bedroom home. She needs the space. Maybe not THAT much, but it's a much nicer house than the three bedroom homes she has looked at! I would love for her to have plenty of room for the kids and not be cramped.

Random Goodness #1:

I can just see this big fella, the Frost-Free Snowman sitting in the corner of her living room this Christmas! How fun would that be!? Family Fun has so many cute projects!

Random Goodness #2:
When I was a preschool teacher's aide, I was in charge of doing crafts. I also was the craft coordinator for MOMS Club (in a Dallas suburb). I created a craft for the kids to become gingerbread men and they took them home for ornaments. They were similar to these found at Oriental Trading.

I used brown paper bags (free from grocery shopping). I used fiberfill to make the bodies a little plump. But instead of putting their photo in the tummy, the photo was the actual face. They were So Cute!

Just flip the front piece over and glue the face of the photo into the face area of the gingerbread man before assembling. I do not find any gingerbread online made like my craft. I wish I had a photo! I inserted a folded piece of ribbon at the top before gluing the front and back together. I used craft paint with a pointed end to draw the decor on the body. I added a little red ribbon to the top/side of the face on the girls. It's a Very Fun Project!

Random Goodness #3:

I saved the Gem of this post for last. Here is a beautiful creation by All Things Heart and Home called Tiny Tickles of Joy. This was a project for Fall, but changing the paper out to a Winter or Christmas theme is perfect for the Joyous Season we are about to enter. Head on over to see her great tutorial!

Be sure to check back next week for More Random Goodness Tuesdays!

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Random Goodness Tuesdays
Birds, Dragonflies and Owls

I started this post for last week but never got back in here to finish it up. I've been on the go. So here is the Random Goodness Tuesdays post for Tuesday November 23rd!

Random Goodness #1:
This is a project that I may use in my own home. The sewing room will have a curtain fabric of off white linen and black branches with buds. I think this would compliment it very well.

Pretty Bird Wall Art by Blue Cricket Designs

This could be approached in so many ways to change it up a bit. I think it would be lovely using acrylic paints watered down to glaze the edges of a canvas and then paint the branches and birds on with thick paint to give it some texture.

Random Goodness #2:
Fowl Single File (Ducks in a Row was Taken) made some really cute and inexpensive Dragonflies out of nature objects. This would make a cute child's project; a mobile comes to my mind.

Random Goodness #3:
These little owls are cute as can be! Another great project for children. I think any age would enjoy making these to display in their home! Head over to The Crafty Classroom for a nice photo tutorial to learn how to make these!

Check back next week tomorrow for more Random Goodness Tuesdays!

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Random Goodness
~Placemat Crafts~

With Christmas coming up, I thought these placemat crafts would be a nice addition to Random Goodness Tuesdays. Head over to Sew Many Ways to check out the nice tutorials on how you can make these inexpensive, useful gifts!

Floral arrangement holder:

These might be a way to throw together a quick table decoration as a cornucopia to hold your homemade rolls too!

Casserole Holder:

Fresh Baked Loaf Holder:

Be sure to check each week for more
Random Goodness Tuesdays!

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Random Goodness

I've decided to start a new weekly post:
Random Goodness Tuesdays.

Why Tuesdays?
It's a Random decision.

I run across so many great ideas.

I just love to pass along information
that is full of Goodness.

This first project is an inspiration
that can be changed up with each
holiday and season.

But, first let me tell you why this is the
first item to be show cased.

I have been doing house renovations since
my children were all in grade school.
My first child
is on her own with a child.
My second child
will be leaving the nest soon.
My third child
is a Sophomore this year.

Never did I imagine I would
only have the addition
90% done at this point!
My mother has helped me A LOT.
We do have some small projects started
in the main part of the two-story 1920's house.

But now I am switching gears to get the
living room converted to a
Sewing/Craft/Computer Room.
It's a necessity to set up
my Work from Home Business Adventure
as soon as my full-time Family Job ends
due to retirement - sometime soon.

My diamond in the rough is much rougher
and much more expensive than I envisioned!
Not to mention
getting enough help to work on the projects.
And figuring out
how to battle the unforeseen hurdles
has been a time-consuming endeavor in itself!

The facets are out of whack
on that ole' diamond!

I have visions of someday
getting the upstairs overhauled.
Notice I say SOMEDAY!
And overhauled is not an over-statement!

Hey, 8 years ago - recently divorced -
I got the house for a steal.
I should have found a contractor husband!
Obviously that has never happened!

It's my dream to have a couple rooms
for guest and grandchildren
that will make them feel welcomed
and create some wonderful memories.

I saw this post by The Blessed Nest
and immediately knew I had to
put this into my Someday File!
First I will have to strip and repaint
the stairwell and paint the paneled walls.
But someday this project will be
an ongoing ritual to make going upstairs
to the someday beautiful, fabulous rooms
fun and intriguing!

I can just imagine doing a
Jack and the Beanstalk theme too!
Let your imagination go wild
(or mild) with this one!

Random Goodness #1:

This next project really out-does itself!
Random Goodness #2.
I'm loving this Fantastic Makeover
On the Cheap! by Blue Cricket Designs
Don't you wish you could slipcover
paint colors for each season?!

With Christmas nearing faster
than any of us are prepared for,
Random Goodness #3:

I'm loving the creative Christmas Card Ideas with a Twist that The Crafting Chicks have done!

Thanks for stopping by.

If you visit the above blogs and feel compelled to leave a comment, please let them know you found their projects on my blog.

Be sure to check each week for more
Random Goodness Tuesdays!

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