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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Blessings of the Beast! Pet Odors!

I take care of 20 cats... most are outside, but I let some in whenever they want. But that isnt the reason for a new product I discovered. Recently, I had a bag of dog food in my car that I was feeding a homeless dog with. While at work, I forgot to roll my window up. There are quite a few feral cats there, and an old Tom decided to help himself to my dogfood.

Upon licking his chops (I presume!) he "blessed the whole car with his scent! The nerve of him! I assume he smelled my dog in there and wanted to let him know that he ate all his food! LOL. I treated it with Febreeze and pulled a towel out of my trunk to drive home. I used a product I have called OdoBan that I get at WalMart in the cleaning isle.

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Product Benefits

* Eliminates Smoke Odors
* Cleans, Disinfects & Deodorizes
* Controls Garbage Area Odors
* Safe for Use on Washables
* OdoBan is not a Masking Agent
* Use on Pet Odors

That just didnt seem to cut it, but I kept using it several times a day. I do like it for regular animal cleanups though so maybe I just didnt use enough?? OdoBan has a Eucalyptus Scent, is an air freshener, fabric freshener, and kills 99.99% of germs! Its a staple in my house for regular cleaning.

A few days later, my son had taken my car down to my moms, but upon returning he left the windows down for the night. I had warned the boys that all the stray males in our neighborhood would do the same thing, especially since the first Blessing of the Beast was from a totally different neighborhood! Sure enough, I went out the next morning to leave for work and bailed right back out! I sprayed it down, re-toweled my seat then headed for work, leaving the windows cracked to air out. After work I went to WalMart and checked the pet isle to find a new product:

OUT! Multi-Cat Urine Odor Destroyer.

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* Permanently removes pet urine, vomit, feces, spilled foods and more
* Effective on old or new stains and odors
* Unique natural bacterial enzyme formula
* Use on carpets, pet bedding, upholstery, concrete and other water-safe surfaces

It worked very well. Unfortunately, my son did it again the next week and the inside of my car was sprayed for a third time! My mother's cat was the culprit this time... he laid there about 10 feet from my car, cleaning his privates and legs, and looking up to smirk at me in between licks. I just glared at him and mumbled under my breath about my mother criticizing me in the past for (back then) not getting my cats fixed... and I pay the price now for her hipocrisy! It's a good thing I am a cat lover! And a good thing my mother has a new car! He would have been returned home quite quickly, and I might have decided HER car needed to be aired out! :)

Thank goodness I had vowed to keep towels on all the seats... which helped with the cleanup. I totally saturated ALL the fabric in the car, and used paper towels to wipe ALL the plastic surfaces down. It seemed to do the trick.

People with a sensitive nose can pick up on the smell but only slightly. Its only been a couple weeks, and I have not retreated. **Note to self: Do one more treatment in the a.m.** I added some of the OUT! to the washer with the detergent and let them soak while I was at work. They came out just fine. I also added a little fabric softener to the rinse just for good measures!

The scent of the OUT! is hard to describe. The only thing I can say is it is a neutral scent, yet with a "industrial" smell. I prefer the OdoBan scent all in all, but OUT! truly is a neutral scent. It says it combines enzymes and pro-bacteria to combat urine odors once and for all. It can be added to carpet cleaning machines as well. My cat litter room isnt the best of surfaces, so I spray the room down several times a week and it has made a difference.

Hope you can find it to test out. Let me know what you think of it if you try it out.

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And for one more product I do use regular is Clorox Cleanup in a spray bottle.

I have several rooms that are just plywood subfloors. If I see there is a pet-mess, I spray it on and let it set a minute. The area that has urine that may not quite be visible will turn white... sort of like peroxide in a way. It really helps find hidden pet urine. I wipe it up, spray again and let sit about 5 minutes to soak in, wipe it, then do a final spray and wipe. This is a great product as well... but oh the bleach odor! Make sure you ventilate if you use very much at a time!