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Monday, September 17, 2012

Seeking Donations for Cats Needs

I have always needed some financial help to cover the cost of the Cat Colony Needs that I have provided for many, many years. Now that I have been unemployed for several months, it is even more challenging. My income has decreased by $400 a month.

I do use a low-cost Spay & Neuter Service to Help Stop Breeding the Homeless©. I call my dedication to these animals PAWS of SEK©. Protect All Wandering Souls of SouthEast Kansas©. I do not allow these animals to multiply - adding to my cost.

I REALLY need some SPONSORS on a regular basis. One time donations help as well. The WIDGET to DONATE is on the upper right side of this blog. Local donations in person would allow 100% of the money to go toward this cost. By using the widget I am charged 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction (ex: $3.20 fee on a $100 donation).

Weekly I purchase:
• 24 lb bag of cat food each week
• Scoopable litter & litter freshener
• OUT cleaner for the floor in litter room and any other areas that need cleaned
• Febreeze
• Paper towels

Other supplies I use as needed:
• Economy bottle of flea spray
• A few cats need the individual spot treatment that includes ear mite treatment {and also because the spray scares them and I get torn up treating them}
• Knockout™ flea treatment used in areas that are hard to reach to clean where any flea eggs might have fallen. This product has kept me from having any flea outbreaks in my home. I love it!
• Virbac Yard Spray™ for the three lots that I live on {applied with a garden hose}
• Worm pills - 2 types of pills - this is costly for all the cats I care for.
• Mr. Clean
• Laundry Detergent for washing all the indoor and outdoor bedding {I have made many shelters for them to get out of the inclement weather}.
• Added cost to electric, gas and water bill for all the cleaning that is done.
I ALSO CARE FOR A THREE LEGGED DOG that was abandoned in my neighborhood. I have all his financial needs to meet as well. {food, heartworm meds, flea meds, tags and routine shots}. He needs a sponsor too.

Every year I have someone dump several cats on me. I also have neighbors that do not practice spay & neuter then their momma cats bring their babies to my home. I guess they know where they will get unconditional love and be spoiled. I refuse to send them to the city pound or dump them in the country as many people have told me to do. My heart breaks for all the homeless animals I see in my community. I DO MY PART in my neighborhood to help control this and take on the responsibility.

I am very fortunate that my parents have purchased the two lots adjacent to my home so that I have plenty of land for the animals to enjoy and relax. Also, I do not have any immediate neighbors and nothing but land and ponds on the property behind my home; therefore the cats have PLENTY of land to enjoy and not a nuisance to anyone.

Mother Nature always runs it course. I lose some to the busy road or predators. I always gain some each year. It's truly a never ending cycle. I do what I can to love and protect them. Below is a photo of a pond that still needs a lot of work, but provides them a peaceful, happy place to hang out!

I have both indoor and strictly outdoor cats {feral and untrained}. I need to do some much needed structural work for the leaning attached garage. I want to add a raised floor with heat/air ducts. I plan to make a cat entrance in the end that will go to a new small enclosed room with "bunk bed" sleeping quarters to get them out of the elements and have some comfort during inclement weather. I will have an interior door to go in to feed them daily and clean the room. The rest of the garage entered from my home will be the new Litter Room & Supply Room so that it is NOT INSIDE my home any longer. I will also put my tool & household supply rack, chest freezer and yard tools in this room. This will be a true blessing to have this change made!

Additional Goal before Winter:
The cat shelters that my mom and sons helped build out of ammo boxes several years ago are getting old. I need to build new structures in several areas of my property for the extremely feral cats that won't come near me, yet live where they can on my property.

I have Chronic Pain and some severe injuries.
It's very painful to help these animals.

I'm worn out with keeping up with all my duties, but I will not stop. I would be SO GRATEFUL for any FINANCIAL SUPPORT to help me with all my efforts, but also some physical help as well. Once I have the CAT ROOM in the garage built, I would be grateful to have someone local come help with the weekly deep cleaning that would need to be done in that room. That would be such a Blessing! Keeping up with all the other cleaning IN my home is very hard on me, not to mention all my yard duties on this large property. My dad mows, but I do the weed eating - which puts me down for days. I also hand pull the invasive weeds that are very stubborn. I want them out by the root, and I do not like to use sprays that might be harmful to the cats. I am in constant pain to keep up with all of this.

Thank you for reading. Please share this post on your FB wall or email/msg the link to any friends that help with Animal Causes to help me with the financial burden.

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